If time stands still.

If at this moment time stands still, And I can change one thing. It would be the time itself.  


I will take it back to the time when my grand mother was alive.  


I want to meet her.

I want to tell her, I have never seen a face as kind as hers.

I want to listen to all the stories that my friends told me their grand mothers told them.

I want to share my little secrets with her.

I want to spend some time just giggling with her.

I want to hold her hand and go for slow walks in the garden.

I want to catch butterflies with her.

I want to eat pickles she made.

I want to hide her specs and tease her.

I want her to run after me on the terrace.

I want her to meet my kid and bless him.

I want to sleep next to her and share my dreams with her the next morning.

I want to play board games with her.

I want her to listen to my little achievements and praise me as if I am brilliant.

I want to cuddly coo with her.

I want to go to temples with her.             

I want to share my childhood troubles with her.

I want her to take my side when my father is mad at me.

I want her to scold me.

I want to put my head in her lap and cry.

I want to help her put thread in the needle.

I want to do some thing for her.

I want to tell her that even though I never met her, I miss her, badly.


Time deprived me of one of the blessings almost every one is born with. It took my grand mother away even before I was born. Now if time stands still, I will get my dues back.


Daily Prompt: Standstill

11 thoughts on “If time stands still.

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  8. I could actually connect to it very closely.
    And wish could have had the opportunity of sharing the relationship with my grandma too.

    • Thanks for sharing how you feel about it. We may not have had the opportunity to share those beautiful moments in real time but i think we can imagine those magical moments and find comfort and warmth of that lost relationship.

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