She maintained a poker face.


I was closely observing her expressions for a little eyebrow lift or a little twitch of lips or something that suggested what the report said. My eyes were following hers; her eyes went left to right, right from the start of the page to the end of it. And right when she reached the bottom of the page, my heart started beating even faster.


I was almost ashamed of my anxiety. My skin must have gone pale, my eyeballs must have popped out on the inside corners and touched the bridge of my nose as I frowned and my heartbeat must have been audible. But then she took her eyes up to the middle again and studied the report again as if she wanted to cross check something. Her facial expressions didn’t change. Just the eyes moved.


I had myself researched every word of my medical report and thanks to the Internet, It made me believe I had some life threatening disease. I had already given up hope of living.


In my coming close to the idea of death, I attained Nirvana. I zoomed out and realized how insignificant I was and will always be.


She finished reading my report and looked at me from the top of her spectacles. For a fraction of a second, her eyes were peering deep in my psyche. And then for the rest of the second I tried to read her poker eyes.


‘You are fine, go home and relax’. She said.

I exhaled.


When I exhaled, I realized I am still alive.


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3 thoughts on “Nirvana.

  1. Once again, I love the typography :3 Great post!

    Soooo, you already know I dig your blog, so I thought I’d let you know that I nominated you for an award! It’s the Liebster blog award! Click my post for the rules cause I want to hear your answers to my questions, lol!!! You obviously don’t have to, but I wanted to continue to remind you of how much I love your blog ❤

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