The Ramayana, Without Ravana

Can you imagine that?


I think Evil is as indispensible as good.


In our own world of wisdom we judge others to be good or bad. What we forget is no one becomes Evil out of choice. Being Evil is as much a human emotion as being good is.


When we say “May the good force with you”, we kind of admit there is a bad force that gives rise to evil thoughts and wickedness.


We can only hope for a world where there is no evil but the fact of the matter is Good exists because evil does. They are two sides of the same coin.


Also tell me don’t you think in this divine life that you live, there have been moments when evil thoughts take over. When you fight with them? Isn’t evil also a part of each and all of us?


Do we see Evil only in famous Evil Personalities like Ravana or Witches?

Don’t we find wickedness around us, sometimes even in a smile?


I think it is good to accept evil as a part of life. And not fret too much over it.

Let it live next to you. And deal with it.


What we must remember is good prevails over Evil.

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6 thoughts on “The Ramayana, Without Ravana

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  4. Hello Ana, I completely agree with your view that evil is just an emotion which is at the same level or threshold as good. There are honest good smiles but wicked tricky smiles too. What I’ve come to realize after reading and listening to many opinions about this particular issue is that good and evil are nothing but Yin and Yang. Opposite yet unified. If there is good, there will be evil. They coexist together in an equilibrium.

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