Amazing people

These are the kind of people who amaze me. 

If you notice there are people who can express without moving a muscle. You don’t believe me; observe people very closely, you will find them. (Warning: Don’t observe obviously, they will get conscious and might move a muscle)


People who not only think but also believe they are a blessing to this world. I mean Ok, Fine you are. But so is the person standing right in front of you, or even for that matter, the one standing behind you or next to you or wherever.


Then there are people who are just too expressive, ok dramatic. They split every single expression into 10 micro expressions along with voice modulations. I notice my jaw automatically drops when I listen to them; it is more of a reflex and in no way is related to the content they share.


There are some who are very comfortable and content doing nothing. Talk about bliss.


Some people stay super excited all the time. It is definitely extremely tiring just to see them.


There are people who work very patiently. Time goes by four times slower when you see them. They throw the concept of time management out of the window.


There are people who stay very calm. The word intense does not belong to their world.  They react to any situation, I mean ANY situation as if they just shooed the housefly away.


There are some cleanliness freaks. They sure beat the dust out of you.


Then there are some who are just too emotional to handle.


The best ones are those who don’t get affected by whatever people say. They always smile. I admire them.


If you are in anyway connected to me and you think one of the categories is based on you, then maybe it is 🙂


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