The Drama Called Life












































Life can be so dramatic at times and as human beings, we have only two choices: Either we can take a corner seat and watch the drama unfold. Or play a character role and lead.

‘The Drama Called Life’ is a very dramatic, colourful, interesting to look at, thought provoking, 10X12 inches, Acrylic on canvas.

It is inspired by my mood today. A day when I feel like a light dreamy feather and everything around me seems to be in full force.

This painting compelled me to be a part of it; I jumped and danced on these stormy clouds. The force of this painting took me over. Trust me it was super fun. I hope I comforted these theatrical clouds with my softness and weightlessness. 

Do share your feelings when you see this painting.



17 thoughts on “The Drama Called Life

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