J’adore Paris

J’adore is a French word that means I adore/love you.

J’adore Paris. J’adore Skyscanner.


Skyscanner is more than helping me plan my trip to my dream destination Paris, City of Art.


Skyscanner is enabling me learn French and go to Monet’s house in Giverny.


I fell in love with Giverny when I got to know, the artist who painted “Water-Lily Pond” lived there. I was 17 then.


And let me clarify, Skyscanner is not my boyfriend. It is a leading global travel search site that provides instant online comparisons for millions of flights, as well as car hire and hotels. That too for free.

You must be wondering how can a travel site enable me learn French or visit Giverny. It’s a long story. I’ll try and keep it short. I bet at the end of it you’ll say “J’adore Skyscanner.”


Planning for a holiday usually takes a lot away in terms of time and money. I’d read and heard enough travel tips, none matched this one. It was simple, log on to Skyscanner.

Logging on helped me leave my worries of spending too much time finding the best deals on flight tickets and hotels behind and instead; I’m now spending that time learning French.













Nothing is more charming than talking to the people of the country you are visiting to in their language. I think it would be quite cool to order “une assiette de crudités” or “un plateau de fromages” with proper French accent.


I had assigned a fix budget for my Paris holiday, and now that I know I am going to save quite a bit (thanks to Skyscanner), I’ve added an extra day trip to Giverny by train from Paris.

A trip to Giverny is like a mini dream coming true with a dream vacation.


The master of impressionism, Claude Monet, spent the last 43 years of his life (from 1883 to 1926) in his very famous and charming house in Giverny, Normandy, which has now been transformed into a museum.

What I understand from my research about Giverny is that, Claude Monet Giverny gardens are an enchantment, a true living painting in which one can wander around. It is a natural masterpiece that I sure wish to be a part of.


I intend to send Skyscanner, a Monet Painting Postcard from Giverny with a small handmade card that reads, “Merci.”

Merci is again French for ‘Thanks.’ 



















This post is exclusively written for Indiblogger “Travel Smart with Skyscanner” contest in association with Skyscanner.


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