The Promise Of Sunshine





































The Promise of Sunshine is a beautiful 10X12 inches Acrylic on Canvas, that will give you hope on a cold grey day.

Wish you sunshine today and always!




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On Winning

winning-1Much has been said about Winning. To some it is the only thing, to some it is everything and some even say winning at the end validates every move you made as a wise one.

“I win” is an expression that gives tremendous joy. It is the ultimate fruit of all the hard work you put in.

But if you look really closely, both the words “I” and “Win” make no sense. We tend to get attached to “I” as self. (I can write a separate post on “Who am I” or “The Philosophy of Self.” I’ll save that for later.) And “Win” only implies the winner happened to be present at the right moment, at the right place.


So then, what exactly is winning?


Winning is a promise that keeps us going. It is a belief, which helps us get up every time we fall. It is a desire to go beyond the boundaries and innovate. Winning is that light at the end of the tunnel which you believe in, even if you don’t see it. 


Winning is not an end. It is just the beginning. The beginning of a better world. A better future.

Every winner has a story to tell. India Today Conclave brings together such winners and visionaries from every realm of human experience. 









Be there. Be a winner!

And, do tell me what does “Winning” mean to you.


The Drama Called Life












































Life can be so dramatic at times and as human beings, we have only two choices: Either we can take a corner seat and watch the drama unfold. Or play a character role and lead.

‘The Drama Called Life’ is a very dramatic, colourful, interesting to look at, thought provoking, 10X12 inches, Acrylic on canvas.

It is inspired by my mood today. A day when I feel like a light dreamy feather and everything around me seems to be in full force.

This painting compelled me to be a part of it; I jumped and danced on these stormy clouds. The force of this painting took me over. Trust me it was super fun. I hope I comforted these theatrical clouds with my softness and weightlessness. 

Do share your feelings when you see this painting.


Artist Spotlight: Rutuja Padwal

Dream Chaser

Hi all!

I am so pleased to introduce to you Rutuja Padwal, a versatile artist who paints with intuition and gathers inspiration from beautiful things around.

Rutuja was introduced to me by a common friend and I have admired her work ever since. There is this element of mysticism in her work that keeps me hooked.

Rutuja shares her creative process and a valuable piece of advice for young artists in a short interview with us today! Enjoy!





When did you decide you wanted to be an artist?  

I started drawing images since the age of two. I used to draw portraits of every visitor that visited my place. Faces have always fascinated me, which made me take up portraiture as a major subject in GD Art (Drawing and Painting).

I do not restrict myself to realism or abstract or any such form of art style. I wish to experiment with various mediums and styles.

Art connects me to the divine. It’s a creation, just the way almighty created universe.

I feel every piece of art breathes, because an artist puts life into it. A painting is not any gobbledygook. It’s just like music, poetry, movies, dance or any other art form. Anyone can understand and enjoy it.

The Red Passion














Can you describe your creative process?

I would say my works are spontaneous. When it comes to creating art, I follow the voice of my subconscious and often the end result is unexpected and magical. It also helps me bring out my inner-self onto the canvas and helps me maintain the originality in every work.

How do you know when a work is finished?

As I said, there is nothing premeditated as such. Also I believe, if you spend too much time on an artwork, painting and rendering it, it spoils the freshness of it. If I like the first stroke in my artwork, I make sure it lives forever.


Where do you get inspiration for your work?

I have a great regard for Renaissance Masters. Realism is classic and timeless. I started reading Eastern Philosophy at an early age, which helped me develop my artistic sensibilities. Also, nature inspires me a lot. In this beautiful world, Inspiration is infinite for any artist. And last but not the least, my past experiences add to it.

What advice would you give to young artists starting a career in art?

Sketch. Sketch and Sketch a lot. Master the realistic forms. Although technology has progressed a lot and has become the easiest and quickest way of creating art now a days, never forget to master the basic and the classic form of drawing and painting.

One has to know the realistic form of an object before distorting it even in an abstract and semi-abstract form of art. So make yourself capable of drawing and painting anything and everything under the sun.

And last but not the least, try to be a good human being and a positive soul. A good soul certainly makes a good artist.


Thank you SO much Rutuja!  Your insight and honest advice is valuable.


Check out Rutuja Padwal’s Facebook Page to see more stunning works

To buy her work send an email to


Wish you all an artistic Monday!


On Writing.



















I let the words swirl in my head before they enter my soul.

Reading was never this beautiful!

Do drop a line if you can relate to the way i feel.






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My Magical Rendezvous!
















I have been experimenting with form and color and often the result has been nothing more than a great magical experience where I have discovered either a theme for a new series or a divine hue.

I can’t translate such experiences into a language that is comprehendible.

But you can see glimpses of these magical moments in my artworks.

Hope you enjoy my magical rendezvous!






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My art is inspired by this beautiful poem by John Keats:

A thing of beauty is a joy for ever:
Its loveliness increases; it will never
Pass into nothingness; but still will keep
A bower quiet for us, and a sleep
Full of sweet dreams, and health, and quiet breathing.

Wish you a beautiful Monday!






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